Living in a Volcano

Part of the Izu chain in the Phillipine sea located within a national park 350km south of Tokyo, Aogashima is the smallest inhabited island in Japan, with a mere 170 dwellers. As you can see, the population is living in the crater of an emergent submarine volcano, with nine square km poking out as land.

The volcano is a complex beast, with at least four overlapping submarine calderas peaking at 423 metres above the sea and a cinder cone in the middle of the crater. It is still classes as active, but its last eruption was between 1781-5. It isn’t known when people first moved there, but records go back to the 15th century. Tourism is possible, either by helicopter or boat, and the island is famous for its dark skies, hiking and a volcanic hot spring. The climate is pleasantly tropical, and the geothermal complex includes free steaming facilities for cooking your own meal. Via Facebook.

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