‘Biggest dinosaur ever’ discovered

Fossilised bones of a dinosaur believed to be the largest creature ever to walk the Earth have been unearthed in Argentina, palaeontologists say. Based on its huge thigh bones, it was 40m (130ft) long and 20m (65ft) tall. Weighing in at 77 tonnes, it was as heavy as 14 African elephants, and seven tonnes heavier than the previous record holder, Argentinosaurus.


The new dinosaur is a type of sauropod similar to Argentinosaurus, illustrated here

Scientists believe it is a new species of titanosaur – an enormous herbivore dating from the Late Cretaceous period. A local farm worker first stumbled on the remains in the desert near La Flecha, about 250km (135 miles) west of Trelew, Patagonia. More here  ‘Biggest dinosaur ever’ discovered.

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  1. Naan Glozi says:

    I don’t like the way they deliberately try to deceive us when talking about dinosaurs. They declare them the largest creatures ever to have walked the Earth. When the truth is that the blue whale is the largest creature ever to have lived on Earth. In fact a few of them are still alive. Of course, blue whales don’t walk the Earth, they swim in the oceans. A blue whale reaches 30m in length apposed to 20m and weighs 170 tonnes rather than 77 tonnes which is equivalent to 31 African elephants rather than 14.

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