Red wine ingredient no magic health pill

Here we go again, something that used to be good for you actually isn’t. Well fancy that! Just wait another year or two and it probably will be fine once again. – Deskarati #bollocks

The popular notion that drinking red wine can somehow avoid the pitfalls of a high-fat diet is flawed, suggests a new study. For some time it has been suggested that red wine helps explain the ‘French paradox’, the low incidence of heart disease among the French despite their high fat diet. But US research has found that resveratrol — one of the highly touted antioxidants in red wine — does not help people live longer. Nor does it help people avoid cancer or heart disease, according to the research published in JAMA Internal Medicine , a journal of the American Medical Association.

“This study suggests that dietary resveratrol from Western diets in community-dwelling older adults does not have a substantial influence on inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or longevity,” write the authors. Research on animals has suggested resveratrol, a polyphenol also found in some Asiatic plant roots as well as peanuts and berries, may wield beneficial health effects. Although not proven in human studies, those findings have contributed to a $30 million per year market for resveratrol supplements in the United States alone, researchers say. Via Red wine ingredient no magic health pill

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