3D pen-in-air aims for professional heights

In the 3D marketplace, would a small, lightweight 3D printing pen, enabling doodling in the air with precision, really take off? Here’s an indication: a Kickstarter project offering a 3D pen that is small, light and able to write and draw in the air passed its fundraising goal in hours after its Tuesday launch and the numbers are still moving north at the time of this writing.

The Lix 3D pen, from the company of the same name, was designed by the company’s three cofounders to be a tool for drawing and writing. The small, portable, noiseless, and lightweight Lix is targeted for professionals interested in 3D printing, such as stylists, designers and architects. The Lix is promoted as having the distinction of being “the smallest and smartest 3d printing pen in the world.” The Lix pen is only 40 grams. Via Physorg

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