The Fantastical World Of Hormones

Dr John Wass, one of Britain’s leading hormone experts, tells the fascinating story of those well-known but little-understood chemicals that govern our bodies and shape who we are. From our weight and appetite to how we grow and reproduce, hormones are a crucial part of what makes us human, even affecting how we behave and feel.

John’s story is the bizarre and intriguing tale of the discovery of what hormones are and how they work. It’s a rollercoaster ride that touches on some of the best and worst of medical history – where breath-taking success butts up against astounding quackery. He uncovers amazing stories, such as how as recently as the 19th century boys were castrated to keep their pure soprano voice; how juices were extracted from testicles in the hope they would rejuvenate old men and how true medical heroes like Frederick Banting discovered a way to make insulin, thus saving the lives of countless diabetes sufferers.

Thanks to pioneers like Banting, hormones are now understood to be one of the most sophisticated systems in our bodies – crucial to our health and wellbeing. And they remain at the cutting edge of medicine as we try to deal with modern scourges like obesity and diabetes.

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