St Jude Medical introduces Leadless Pacemakers

nanostimHeartThe Nanostim leadless pacemaker is designed to achieve the same pacing results as a standard pacemaker, but the process for implanting the pacemaker is quite different from standard pacemakers. A standard pacemaker requires your doctor to create a surgical pocket to implant the pacemaker. Leads are then attached to the pacemaker and run to your heart, where they pace the heart. Nanostim leadless pacemaker securely nestles inside your heart, sending small pulses of electricity when needed to prompt your heart to beat normally. The pacemaker requires no surgical pocket (nor scar or lump) for the pacemaker, and it requires no leads. The pacemaker battery life is equivalent to that of similar standard single chamber pacemakers. Via St Judes

Thanks to Dan for bringing this to our attention

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