Intel wants Jarvis to serve you answers without the cloud

JarvisIntel is proposing a better voice recognition system experience for users; its own concept is in the form of a headset that would serve you answers without the cloud. People are talking about a recent interview in Quartz with Intel’s general manager of the New Devices Group, Michael A. Bell, about the Jarvis headset that wraps around the back of the wearer’s ear, connects to the smartphone, listens to commands and answer in its own voice, all without reliance on a cloud connection.

The reason why Intel favors taking voice control out of the cloud is time, and time affects the user experience. As it stands, the user stands or sits—-waiting for a response, depending on the speed of the connection, among other things. Intel would like to s have off the time it would take to ship the voice command off to cloud servers.

As explained, the mobile device is sending your command off to a server farm, where it is translated into a command that the device can understand. Even with fast connections, there is still a delay that could be avoided “if the hardware itself could parse your language and turn it into commands.”

Enter Jarvis. Requests would be handled locally, not on server farms, via a combined processor/software in the headset that could translate the human voice. With personal assistant functionality, it would be the wearable device itself to process commands. Via Intel wants Jarvis to serve you answers without the cloud.

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