Featured Artwork – The Manneport – Claude Monet

Today we are starting a new category called ‘Featured Artworks’ which is pretty much what it says. We will start posting artworks (usually paintings) that we find interesting and that will brighten up our day, and hopefully yours too. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions for your favourite pieces of work. – Deskarati

the-manneportMonet stayed at Étretat, a fishing village and resort on the Normandy coast in 1890’s. He painted eighteen views of the beach and the three extraordinary rock formations in the area: the ‘Porte d’Aval,’ the ‘Porte d’Amont,’ and our favourite the ‘Manneporte.’ Over the years Monet painted the Manneporte many times but for us this one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. – Deskarati

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