The Truth About Population

Using state-of-the-art 3D graphics and the timing of a stand-up comedian, world-famous statistician Professor Hans Rosling presents a spectacular portrait of our rapidly changing world. With seven billion people already on our planet, we often look to the future with dread, but Rosling’s message is surprisingly upbeat. Almost unnoticed, we have actually begun to conquer the problems of rapid population growth and extreme poverty.

Across the world, even in countries like Bangladesh, families of just two children are now the norm – meaning that within a few generations, the population explosion will be over. A smaller proportion of people now live in extreme poverty than ever before in human history and the United Nations has set a target of eradicating it altogether within a few decades. In this as-live studio event, Rosling presents a statistical tour-de-force, including his ‘ignorance survey’, which demonstrates how British university graduates would be outperformed by chimpanzees in a test of knowledge about developing countries.

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2 Responses to The Truth About Population

  1. Phil Krause says:

    By far the best explanation of population growth I have ever seen. I watched this program when it came out but couldn’t resist watching it again here because it was so easy to whilst doing other jobs.

  2. Naan Glozi says:

    Yes, I too watched this excellently explained program. It’s part of a new BBC series called “This World”. The first one was about the lives of three typical families living in Manila.

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