GM to offer dual-fuel Impala next year

GM Impala Duel Fuel Car

General Motors said it will sell a version of the Chevrolet Impala sedan with the ability to switch between gasoline and natural gas, part of the automaker’s plan for taking advantage of a U.S. drilling boom that has made natural gas a more viable fuel for cars.

The dual-fuel Impala, announced today by CEO Dan Akerson at a conference here, will have one engine and two fuel tanks — one for gasoline and one for compressed natural gas. That means drivers could almost instantly switch between fuels, depending on what is cheap and available.

“There will be nothing like it on the road — literally,” Akerson said in his prepared remarks.

Multiple automakers already sell CNG-fueled pickups. By launching a full-sized sedan that runs on natural gas, GM is signaling that it sees a future for the fuel in the passenger-car market. Via GM to offer dual-fuel Impala in wager on natural gas.

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