Eat Breakfast for Healthier Eating All Day Long

when we eatYou no doubt have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but here are some reasons in compelling statistical and infographic format from Massive Health:

People who eat breakfast tend to eat 12.3% healthier throughout the day.

Massive Health took data from 7.68 million food ratings from its previously mentioned Eatery app from users in over 50 countries over 5 months to compile this and a bunch of other eating habits information.P

It could be that those who ate breakfast are the types who tend to eat healthier anyway, but, on the other hand, eating breakfast also has been shown to maintain our blood sugar levels and prevent food cravings and issues with will power later in the day—so eating breakfast might help you make better decisions later.

Another reason not to skip breakfast: the food we eat tends to decrease in healthiness by 1.7% for each hour that passes in the day—so make breakfast count.P

Besides that correlation, Massive Health’s infographics suggest that picking any type of diet (it doesn’t matter which one) can help you eat at least 15.2% healthier, and you’re likelier to eat 12.7% healthier when you’re at home (no real surprise there).

Healthiness is measured by the fit/fat ratio in the Eatery app—a crowdsourced rating of your foods by peers.

Just click on the infographic to get a full size view

Via Eat Breakfast for Healthier Eating All Day Long

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