Behold the Earth and Moon – as seen from Saturn

Last Friday, people the world over had their first chance ever to smile for a picture of Earth taken from outer space, when NASA’s Cassini orbiter photographed our moon and planet from almost one-billion miles away.

Earth is the bright, starburst-looking flash of light at the middle of the photo, our moon the speck just down and to the left. From Saturn, our planet is hardly distinguishable as the orb we know and love. That being said, I’d love to see you snap a photo this good from 898,410,414 miles away. And remember, this is a raw, unprocessed image – just one in a huge batch that Cassini beamed down to Earth on Saturday.

According to Cassini imaging lead Carolyn Porco (who also organized the photo-opportunity with a global event called “The Day The Earth Smiled”), higher resolution and composite images of Earth and Saturn’s moons are still a few weeks away: Via Behold the Earth and Moon – as seen from Saturn.

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