Prado Museum presents “Saint Jerome writing”, recently attributed to José de Ribera

Thanks to the new, expanded degree of Fundación Iberdrola’s commitment to the Museo del Prado, which began in 2010 when it became the Protector Member of the restoration programme, the Museum will be updating the entire lighting system in the galleries of the permanent collection. Coinciding with the signing of this new agreement, the Museum has presented the painting Saint Jerome writing, recently attributed to Ribera, which will be seen for the first time after its restoration, once again undertaken with the support of Fundación Iberdrola. José Pedro Pérez Llorca, President of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Museum, Manuel Marín González, President of Fundación Iberdrola, and Miguel Zugaza Miranda, Director of the Museo del Prado, today provided information on the new collaborative agreement that will allow for better presentation. Via The First Art Newspaper on the Net.

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