Elvis Has Entered The Building

elvis1At family-run Wild About Wildlife Rescue Center in Kilmore, Victoria, marsupials are regulars.  Earlier in May, when a member of the public brought in a tiny wombat whose mother had been hit by a car, the Milligan family knew just how to nurse the little marsupial back to health.

Thanks to warm blankets and frequent bottle-feedings, the baby, named Elvis, is doing very well under their care. Elvis arrived weighing a tiny 220 grams but has grown to weigh 600 grams.  A baby marsupial is entirely dependent on its mother.  Born tiny, naked and undeveloped, the baby crawls into its mother’s pouch where it nurses and continues to grow.  Wombats stay inside their mother’s pouch for five months, and become independent at about seven months. Via Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis (The Baby Wombat) Has Entered The Building


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