Fuel might be the world’s smallest phone charger

Devotec Industries is launching a new product on Kickstarter that just might be the world’s smallest emergency phone charging device. It’s designed to be easily carried on a key ring, and everything needed to top up a phone is crammed inside a space smaller than the keys themselves.

So just how small is Fuel? According to the creators, it is 1.3-inches tall, 0.9-inches wide and 0.5-inches thick (33 x 22 x 12 mm). The housing of the device is made with die cast aluminum and weighs around half an ounce (about 14 g). Most of the interior is taken up by its 220 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Obviously, in a device this small you are not going to see a battery with crazy high capacity. Still, it’s claimed to provide about 20-30 minutes of additional talk time, and up to a couple hours of standby time, depending on the phone.

The Fuel charger features a standard micro-USB port, so it will be able to provide juice to most phones. Sadly, iPhone owners are currently left out of this one, though Devotec does appear to be planning the release of a version with an iPhone 5/Lightning connector at some point in the near future. Via Fuel might be the world’s smallest phone charger.

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