Raspberry Pi user shows home-automation feats using iPhone

The latest hacker enthusiast who is out to demonstrate Raspberry Pi’s potential has a system that pairs SiriProxy with Raspberry Pi to perform numerous home automation feats, just by speaking commands into the iPhone. “Elvis Impersonator” has shown in a YouTube video how he can change Siri from a glamorous job as Concierge to a role as domestic helper. With the Pi running SiriProxy, his commands via iPhone result in his desired reactions based on his predefined instructions. “Elvis Impersonator” can order garage doors to open and close; he can adjust a thermostat, and can change channels on his TV, among other feats.

For those with the skills and time to spare, the good news is in how he did it. “All my SiriProxy plugins are on my GitHub page and are all open source, non-commercial use. In an effort to help further interest and development of SiriProxy based applications, I created a RPi SD card image with SiriProxy pre-installed to make it that much easier for people to get started.” Via Raspberry Pi user shows home-automation feats using iPhone.

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