Double Revolving Doors Block Armed Intruders

Here’s one security company’s answer to prevent a dangerous intruder from entering a school or any other building. It’s called the Linear Revolving Door (LRD), and it was recently patented by Barbecan Security Systems. The door consists of series of parallel hallways that can be built at the entrance of buildings. Each hallway has two doors that revolve in front of and behind a person as they enter.

The system is equipped with sensors that keeps pace with one’s stride to cut down on the bottlenecking of most security checks. Once both doors close, sensors also check for bombs or firearms. If a threat is detected, the doors move in reverse and push out the potential offender.

“A guard at a building entrance won’t stop a determined and well armed attacker — especially if they have suicidal motivations,” it states. “The LRD portal will not let an armed gunman enter a building. Period. When a threat is detected, the portal reverses and the potential assailant is backed out of the portal.”

“Operation is completely safe,” states the press release, “and by adapting to the pace of pedestrian traffic, LRD Portals can be used in high traffic entrances like schools, malls, theatres, stadiums and factories.” Highly edited from¬†Double Revolving Doors Block Armed Intruders.

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