Deskarati ‘Free Will’ Joke

Jim dies and goes to heaven (I know it’s a long shot), but instead of the pearly gates, there’s a fork in the road, and a sign pointing down each path. One sign says ‘Believers in Determinism’ and the other says ‘Believers in Free Will’. Jim has always believed in predestination, so he goes down that road. He eventually comes to a big door with the word ‘DETERMINISM’ written over the top. He knocks, and an angel opens the door and says, ‘Why have you come to my door today?’ Jim says, ‘Well, there were these two signs, and I chose the one that said determinism.’ The angel says, ‘You chose it? Then you cannot come in here,’ and slams the door. Jim’s confused. Finally he trudges back to the crossroads and goes down the other road. Eventually he comes to another large door that says ‘FREE WILL.’ He knocks and another angel opens the door and says, ‘Why did you come this way?’ And  Jim says, ‘I had no choice!’

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