The ‘i-Phone of cycling’

Car-choked city streets are inspiring adults to get on a bicycle for local transport. Reasons range from ecology to economy in getting around. Korea-based auto part maker Mando is unleashing the next step up in cycling, a chainless electric bike called Footloose. Sleek minimalist, Apple-evocative design, with technology combined, the Mando is a clear moving target for a mobile, Starbuck-struck generation of twenty-somethings. Mando has been showcasing the bike this year, and its bike is due to hit the marketplace in Europe next year. The company has combined a throttle drive with pedal-assisted technology, This is a chainless bike that trend-watchers are calling the “i-Phone of cycling.”

The bike has a hybrid drive system. By pedaling, mechanical energy transforms into electricity. The bike uses a lithium-ion battery. A key feature about the bike is that it does away with the bike chain; it converts a rider’s pedaling to electricity; the rider is the human “generator.” Cyclists can power the bike up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) with the motor alone or they can use the pedal for more range. By adding battery energy, the standard range of 30 kilometers can be increased, say enthusiasts, to become a “light e-scooter.”

According to the press statement, the Footloose hybrid drive system brings power directly to the drive wheel. When you pedal, mechanical energy transforms into electricity and feeds the e-bike battery. Using a throttle, the motor drive can be controlled. Via Mando’s chainless e-bike is headed for Europe in 2013

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