The Tallest Men in the World

The Tallest Men in the World Ever

These are the five tallest men alive, in the world today alongside the tallest man ever Robert Wadlow the 8’11.1″ American Giant who died in 1940. Click picture for larger view.

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  1. anonimo says:

    The image of Morteza Merzhad is incorrect, that is Rohallah Rahmati (7’3” -221 cm height) Morteza height is 8ft. exact barefoot and poor posture, not 7′ 11 “, and is estimated to reach 8′ 1″, like Brahim. Zhang Jun Cai is 242cm (7′ 11”) barefoot, but has a curved spine so it could be 8 ‘0.5 “or 8’ 1” like Brahim.

  2. Deskarati says:

    Thanks for the input. We will get around to changing the image as soon as possible. The heights came from

    • Lucas says:

      The height of Wikipedia is outdated. I am Lucas a member of forum page, Morteza was measured (lying and standing) in 2011 by Reza a member of the site and exact measures 8ft. In the photos with Reza (measuring 190.5cm), you measure standing with poor posture at a little over 8ft. so easily estimated stretch in your long leg could reach 8 ‘1 “and perhaps 8’ 2”.
      Sultan Kosen stood by the statue of Wadlow-ruler in Hong Kong in 2012, and measured in the photos standing 248cm tall with shoes more than one inch thick, so it is estimated that manages to stand barefoot height to 245cm is about 2 inches shorter than his official height of 251cm, due to its large kyphoscoliosis.
      Probably Brahim is achieved for 8 ‘0.1″ with shoes (look picture standing toghether with Sultan in Rome 2012) and barefoot is as Jun Cai, because her spine curves.
      No one really knows how big is the giant standing Pakistani Ijaz Ahmed, is listed at 238 cm but has a great kyphosoliosis. if it is 238 cm with that poor posture is probably a 8footer, if he had a position “normal” or “ideal”.
      The previous comment by anonymous is me!

  3. Deskarati says:

    Image now corrected (thanks Lucas). Heights will be adjusted when Wikipedia updates.

  4. Anonymous says:

    they’re tall!!

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