London Wows the World at the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the London Games, featuring Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, the Queen and James Bond, is off to a spectacular start. Wiggins, wearing a yellow jersey, rang the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world to start the show. There were loud cheers as the crowd saw a film featuring an unlikely meeting between the Queen and the 007 agent.

Daniel Robb from the Heart Hospital in London with dancers from the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony

The three-hour spectacle, capturing the best of Britain, is set to be viewed by a TV audience of one billion people.The athletes taking part in the Games – led, as tradition dictates, by the Olympics’ spiritual home Greece – are now making laps of the stadium bearing their nations’ flags. The spectacle included scenes from all parts of Britishs history including an excellent homage to the NHS.

At the beginning of the show iconic images of London and Britain were beamed to the world, and all four countries of the UK were represented in song.The film featuring the encounter between Bond and the monarch at Buckingham Palace prompted much laughter and cheers.”Good evening Mr Bond,” the Queen said in the clip, before they leave together, apparently heading towards the Olympic Stadium in a helicopter.A helicopter then flew over the stadium to the sound of the Bond theme tune, as two figures parachuted down, one dressed as the monarch. As if by magic, the Queen appeared in the stands at the stadium – part of a crowd of about 80,000 – amid cheers. Edited from BBC

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