Super Snorkel Helps You Breathe Underwater

Many people would love to learn how to swim, but the fear of water, or drowning, keeps them on dry land. A new breathing apparatus called the Powerbreather could help those people overcome their fear and take to the waves.

The device is aring-shaped snorkel that lets swimmers take in air through a valve on top of the device behind the head and exhale into a valve over their mouth. The valves are designed to keep water and exhaled air out so that a swimmer is only taking in fresh air. Flexible plastic helps the ring sit around the head securely and can be adjusted to fit different sizes. Geared more towards beginning swimmers, it’s doubtful that we’d see Michael Phelps sporting one of these at this year’s Olympics, but it could be a good way to get people over their fear and introduce them to a sport they otherwise would’ve avoided.

via Super Snorkel Helps You Breathe Underwater

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