The Real Titanic Love Story

If like us you have just been to see the replaying of Titanic in 3D , you may be interested to read this story – Deskarati –

Though the grave of a real J. Dawson exists, and has proved boundless spectulation for Titanic history buffs, one Titanic passenger had a similar real-life love story to the fictionalized character Jack Dawson in James Camerons’ movie.

Emilio Portaluppi was an Italian artist who changed his travel plans to join the Titanic at the last minute. He traveled as a second class passenger, according to new archival research into the elusive Titanic survivor. And though he may not have had the charms of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster movie, Portaluppi was a romantic with first class tastes.

He had a crush on an upper class married American woman who was traveling with her husband on the doomed ship. She was no one less than Madeleine Astor, the young and beautiful wife of millionaire John Jacob Astor IV. By the time she returned to New York she would be a widow. Recently reconstructed through late interviews given to Italian local newspapers, Portaluppi’s story is now revealed in a new documentary, “The Italians on the Titanic.”

“It is reasonable to think that his story was the starting point for Cameron’s screenplay,” Ezio Savino and Stefano Giussani, the documentary authors, said.

The show, which airs on the Italian version of the History Channel, tells the little known story of 37 Italians, mostly third class passengers, waiters and workers hired by Luigi Gatti, the manager of the Titanic’s exclusive A La Carte Restaurant. All but three of the Italians on board died during the sinking. Thirty-year-old Portaluppi was one of the fortunate survivors, but exactly how he managed to escape the disaster is still a mystery.

Whole story here The Real Titanic Love Story

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