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NASA shows off new algae farming technique for making biofuel

NASA is clearly looking far into the future for a way to handle both human waste and a need for fuel on either long space flights or when attempting to colonize another planet. To that end, they’ve assigned life support engineer Jonathan Trent the task of coming up with a way to use algae to solve both problems at once. His solution is to use plastic bags floating in seawater as small bioreactors, containing wastewater, sunlight and carbon dioxide to … Continue reading

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How do you generate prime numbers?


Click to regenerate There are a number of ways to generate primes. One of the oldest is known as the ‘Sieve of Eratosthenes’, named after the Greek mathematician and scholar (who also invented a system of latitude and longitude). Here’s how it works – Starting from the No.2 – the smallest prime – you write down each consecutive number up to your chosen maximum. Now eliminate every multiple of 2; the first number that is missed out from this process will be … Continue reading

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Klaus Stadlmann describes the world’s smallest 3D Printer

Vienna University of Technology unveiled their prototype for the world’s smallest 3D printer in May last year developed by Klaus Stadlmann and Markus Hatzenbichler. Klaus recently presented the micro-printer at TEDx Vienna, on crutches.

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