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Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, CBE MC (8 September 1886 – 1 September 1967) was an English poet, author and soldier. Decorated for bravery on the Western Front, he became one of the leading poets of the First World War. His poetry both described the horrors of the trenches, and satirised the patriotic pretensions of those who, in Sassoon’s view, were responsible for a vainglorious war. He later won acclaim for his prose work, notably his three-volume fictionalised autobiography, collectively known as the “Sherston Trilogy”. Siegfried … Continue reading

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Why are men and women’s shirt buttons on opposite sides?

womans shirt

Men’s shirt buttons are on the right hand side because the majority of men are right handed. So surely women’s buttons should be on the same side as they are also right handed on average. Well the answer is – ‘that is correct’, but the difference is that before the twentieth century any ‘lady of means’ would expect her hand maid to do her buttons up for her, thus the buttons needed to be on the maid’s right. This became popular over … Continue reading

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Chips as mini Internets

internet on a chip

Computer chips have stopped getting faster. In order to keep increasing chips’ computational power at the rate to which we’ve grown accustomed, chipmakers are instead giving them additional “cores,” or processing units. Today, a typical chip might have six or eight cores, all communicating with each other over a single bundle of wires, called a bus. With a bus, however, only one pair of cores can talk at a time, which would be a serious limitation in chips with hundreds … Continue reading

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Gold nanostars deliver drugs directly to cancer cell nucleus

While effective at killing cancer cells, chemotherapy is currently a shotgun approach that can also harm healthy cells and cause serious side effects in patients. The ability to deliver drugs directly into cancer cells would provide a more targeted approach to more effectively treat the disease with lower doses of drugs and less side effects. Researchers at Northwestern University are claiming to be the first to develop gold nanostars that provide a much more precise approach by delivering a drug … Continue reading

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Tagging a Great White Shark

In this video from Discovery Channel’s “Jaws Comes Home” a great white shark leads Greg Skomal’s team into shallow water where they aim to tag it for research. Greg believes that a recent explosion in the gray seal population off Massachusetts is what’s luring great white sharks back to Cape Cod.

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