Steve Jobs wouldn’t have released the new ipad

Reading all the reviews for the new ipad it is obvious that it is a marvellous piece of kit. The new retina screen has blown all the early testers away. Along with the higher definition camera, the bump in speed and the addition of LTE it is pretty much guaranteed to keep Apple’s tablet in pole position for the foreseeable future. But would Steve Jobs be pleased with his company’s latest offering – not in our opinion.

Here at Deskarati, we are Apple fan-boys and have been since Steve came on stage in his black turtleneck back in October 2001 and declared “1,000 songs in your pocket”. We watched every year as he introduced the latest pod, phone and pad. Every keynote was pure entertainment, every product more beautiful than the last and every update was thinner and lighter than the previous model. It’s as if Steve’s product raison d’etre was – better, thinner, lighter.

So here’s the rub, without the hard nosed head man, this years latest offering has a new mantra – better, thicker, heavier. So OK its only slightly thicker and heavier, but in Mr. Jobs’ world – design is God. Steve would surely not be happy. Would he have allowed the design team to slide on these parameters or would he have insisted on better? – Deskarati

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3 Responses to Steve Jobs wouldn’t have released the new ipad

  1. Steve B says:

    I have to disagree. How long do you think that Apple were developing the iPad 3 before release? I would suggest that the ideas that became the iPad 3’s features were on the drawing board when Jobs was still alive, and that he would have bought into the compromises required on size and weight. I also would have thought that Jobs would have left a legacy to Apple in the form of a succession plan for management and, more importantly, products. His shadow is cast long over the Apple organisation and they would be foolish to throw away his design ethos and eye for detail.

    The weight and size increase are due to the higher capacity battery that is included in the iPad 3. The requirement for the new battery is in reaction to the higher spec processor and graphics sported in the new device.

    So, I guess the speculation re. Apple will now move onto the iPhone 5 and interestingly what they are likely to do in the TV arena.

  2. macjunky says:

    are you the ghost whisperer?

  3. Deskarati says:

    We seemed to have upset someone over at Gizmodo.
    Chill out guys, it’s an opinion, but making a fair point.

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