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Symphony of Science – The Greatest Show on Earth!

Symphony of Science – The Greatest Show on Earth!

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HoverMast cam launches in 10 seconds

The HoverMast is a hovering surveillance machine that can be deployed from a small vehicle such as an armored SUV. The machine, developed by Sky Sapience and currently at the prototype stage, can be deployed to an altitude of up to 50 meters (164 feet) within 10-15 seconds. Because the machine is tethered, a hard-wired power connection allows the HoverMast to hover as long as there is fuel in the tank in the vehicle to which it’s anchored. Cables also provide … Continue reading

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This tiny galaxy might rewrite the early history of the universe

This dwarf galaxy is located just 59 million light-years away, making it one of the closest galaxies to our own. But because most of its stars are still just starting out, it’s like a portal to the early universe. The galaxy, whose rather nice full name I Zwicky 18 is generally shortened to the fiercely unpronounceable I Zw 18, appears to be much younger than most of its galactic neighbors, including our own Milky Way. While the Hubble Telescope has … Continue reading

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Universal vaccine could give us a world without the flu

Because flu viruses mutate so fast, the only way to stop them is to destroy their ability to evolve. That’s the key to creating a universal flu vaccine… and now we may have found the secret to creating one, and wiping out the flu. There’s already a bunch of potential universal vaccines for a wide variety of flu strains in development, and a few have entered clinical trials. But one class of these so-called cross-protective vaccines could prove particularly powerful … Continue reading

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Mouse glove is designed for new comfort zones

Glove Mouse

Yet another alternative to the conventional computer mouse is being marketed, this time a pull-on glove that behaves as a mouse. The Ion Wireless Air Mouse Glove is from a Cocoa, Florida-based company, Bellco Ventures, which describes itself as specializing in new product development and marketing. The mouse glove can serve up functions carried out in the conventional mouse—right click, left click, scrolling, and more. That “more,” as promoted by Bellco, includes wireless freedom and comfort in no longer having … Continue reading

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Brian Cox joins the judges of new engineering “Nobel” prize

Organisers have announced the judging panel for a new £1m prize billed as a “Nobel” for engineers. The 14-strong panel includes experts from a variety of disciplines, including TV physicist Brian Cox. The prize, funded by an endowment from a number of engineering companies, will be awarded biannually to an individual or team of up to three people. It is designed to raise the profile of engineering, and the recipients can be of any nationality. The fund behind it will be managed by … Continue reading

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