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Cancer Breath Test Enters Clinical Trials

Someday soon a breath test could do more than just tell if you’ve been drinking. Metabolomx, a startup in Mountain View, California, recently completed a clinical trial that shows that its breath test can spot lung cancer with 83 percent … Continue reading

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Why electrons remain separated from their beloved protons?

We all know the story. Electrons and protons are attracted to each other. That’s why a balloon rubbed on hair clings to clothes. The electrons it gained are crying out for protons and dragging the rest of the balloon along … Continue reading

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Where has all the lithium-7 gone?

via Axions could explain dearth of lithium-7 in dark matter theory.

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Zeno of Elea

Zeno shows the Doors to Truth and Falsity. Fresco in the Library of El Escorial, Madrid. Zeno of Elea (ca. 490 BC – ca. 430 BC) was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher of southern Italy and a member of the Eleatic School … Continue reading

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Georges Seurat

The Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884–1886, at The Art Institute of Chicago Georges Pierre Seurat  2 December 1859 – 29 March 1891) was a French Post-Impressionist painterand draftsman. He is noted for his innovative use of drawing media and for devising a technique … Continue reading

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Duelling Banjos

Wonderful scene from the film Deliverance – re-posted by popular demand – Deskarati –

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