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What is Humanism?

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Humanism is an approach in study, philosophy, world view or practice that focuses on human values and concerns, attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. According to Greg M. Epstein, “Humanism today can be categorized as a movement, a philosophy of life or worldview, or … [a] lifestance.” In philosophy and social science, humanism is a perspective which affirms some notion of human nature, and is contrasted with anti-humanism. Secular humanism is a secular ideology which espouses reason, ethics, and justice, whilst specifically rejecting supernatural and religious dogma as a basis of morality and decision-making. Secular humanism contrasts with religious humanism, which is an … Continue reading

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Deskarati Earth Atom
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World’s Deepest Land Animal Discovered


In the dark abyss of the world’s deepest known cave lurks a newly found species of primitive eyeless insect, one that researchers are calling the deepest land animal ever found. The creature, now known as Plutomurus ortobalaganensis, is one of four newly discovered species of wingless insects called springtails, which commonly live in total darkness in caves, where they feed on fungi and decomposing organic matter. The insects were collected during the Ibero-Russian CaveX team expedition to the world’s deepest … Continue reading

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Researchers build first physical ‘metatronic’ circuit


The technological world of the 21st century owes a tremendous amount to advances in electrical engineering, specifically, the ability to finely control the flow of electrical charges using increasingly small and complicated circuits. And while those electrical advances continue to race ahead, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are pushing circuitry forward in a different way, by replacing electricity with light. “Looking at the success of electronics over the last century, I have always wondered why we should be limited … Continue reading

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You need to be healthy to be a heart-throb

Men with strong immune systems are most attractive to members of the opposite sex according to a new study from the University of Abertay Dundee and partners. The research, which identifies a link between testosterone, facial attractiveness, and the stress hormone cortisol is reported in this week’s Nature Communications journal. The findings suggest that women might be more attracted to men with high levels of the sex hormone testosterone because they have a healthier immune system. Sexual characteristics in male faces are … Continue reading

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