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Breaking News – neutrinos not faster than light!

You can shelf your designs for a warp drive engine (for now) and put the DeLorean back in the garage; it turns out neutrinos may not have broken any cosmic speed limits after all. Ever since the news came out on September 22 of last year that a team of researchers in Italy had clocked neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light, the physics world has been resounding with the potential implications of such a discovery — that is, … Continue reading

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Alexander Graham Bell’s first sound recordings

bell record

Recently, and for the first time in living memory, sound recordings made in 1881 at Alexander Graham Bell’s Volta Laboratory Association have been heard aloud. The experimental phonographs made by the association where Bell worked alongside instrument-maker Charles Sumner Tainter and chemist Chichester A. Bell are thought to be the oldest preserved sound recordings intended for playback. Dr. Patrick Feaster of Indiana University was able to identify the phonographs – small copper discs housed at the National Museum of American … Continue reading

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Rare Earth Element Discovered In Ancient Stars

supernova remnent

In three stars far, far away, one of the rarest elements known to man has been spotted, improving our understanding about how heavy elements are created, bolstering evidence that a rare type of supernova may have been responsible for their creation. Tellurium — a brittle and toxic semiconducting metal — has for the first time been discovered in the atmospheres of three stars that are nearly 12 billion years old. The stars, all a few thousand light-years from Earth, live … Continue reading

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What cancer cells need to travel

Cancer cells must prepare for travel before invading new tissues, but new Cornell research has found a possible way to stop these cells from ever hitting the road. Researchers have identified two key proteins that are needed to get cells moving and have uncovered a new pathway that treatments could block to immobilize mutant cells and keep cancer from spreading, said Professor Richard Cerione. The study, co-authored by graduate student Lindsey Boroughs; Jared L. Johnson, Ph.D. ’11; and Marc Antonyak, senior research associate, … Continue reading

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