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‘Interesting’ Higgs Boson Result to be Announced

higgs hunt

It may not be the long-awaited news about a Higgs boson discovery, but an “interesting” announcement will soon come from scientists analyzing data from the Tevatron particle accelerator at Fermilab, near Batavia, Ill. Wait a minute, isn’t the Tevatron in semi-retirement? Yes and no. – Although its house-sized particle detectors have seen their last high-energy collisions, huge quantities of Tevatron data have yet to be analyzed. According to Rob Roser, lead researcher of the Tevatron’s CDF experiment, there’s something hiding in the … Continue reading

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Alan Turing’s 1950s tiger stripe theory proved

Researchers from King’s College London have provided the first experimental evidence confirming a great British mathematician’s theory of how biological patterns such as tiger stripes or leopard spots are formed. The study, funded by the Medical Research Council and to be published online in Nature Genetics, not only demonstrates a mechanism which is likely to be widely relevant in vertebrate development, but also provides confidence that chemicals called morphogens, which control these patterns, can be used in regenerative medicine to differentiate … Continue reading

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Missing dark matter located

Researchers at the University of Tokyo’s Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (IPMU) and Nagoya University used large-scale computer simulations and recent observational data of gravitational lensing to reveal how dark matter is distributed around galaxies. The new research concludes that galaxies have no definite “edges.” Instead galaxies have long outskirts of dark matter that extend to nearby galaxies and the intergalactic space is not empty but filled with dark matter. The surface mass density as a function … Continue reading

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