Solar Car Keeps Going and Going

Late last week, the SolarWorld GT solar car landed in San Francisco as part of its round-the-world tour. A team of German students from Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany designed a two-seater electric car in collaboration with SolarWorld, a solar panel manufacturer, to compete in the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia. The vehicle works by collecting solar energy through photovoltaic panels on its roof, its solar generator can reach up to 823 watts and the vehicle has an average speed of 31 mph, with top speeds reaching 62 mph.

Following the Australian solar challenge, the drivers of GT solar car decided to keep on driving through Sydney to New Zealand. The solar-powered EV was transported via DHL to California where the tour continued with a trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego. The car will be spanning the southern part of the United States, making its way to Florida by March 9th. After that, it will be shipped across the Atlantic to Europe, making its way through Asia and Africa. If the car does reach all of its desired destinations it will set the Guinness Record for longest distanced traveled by a solar car, 21,080 miles.

via Solar Car Keeps Going and Going

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