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Solar Car Keeps Going and Going

Late last week, the SolarWorld GT solar car landed in San Francisco as part of its round-the-world tour. A team of German students from Bochum University of Applied Sciences in Germany designed a two-seater electric car in collaboration with SolarWorld, … Continue reading

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Archaeologists strike gold in quest to find Queen of Sheba’s wealth

A British excavation has struck archaeological gold with a discovery that may solve the mystery of where the Queen of Sheba of biblical legend derived her fabled treasures. Almost 3,000 years ago, the ruler of Sheba, which spanned modern-day Ethiopia … Continue reading

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Israeli library uploads Newton’s theological texts

He’s considered to be one of the greatest scientists of all time. But Sir Isaac Newton was also an influential theologian who applied a scientific approach to the study of scripture, Hebrew and Jewish mysticism. Now Israel’s national library, an unlikely … Continue reading

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Genes may travel from plant to plant to fuel evolution

The evolution of plants and animals generally has been thought to occur through the passing of genes from parent to offspring and genetic modifications that happen along the way. But evolutionary biologists have documented another avenue, through the passing of … Continue reading

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