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“Fracture putty” could speed healing of broken bones


Anyone who has ever broken a bone knows that while receiving the injury itself is quite unpleasant, being laid up for several weeks to even a few months afterwards is also no picnic. Help may be on the way, however. The U.S. Department of Defense is funding a study, to develop fast bone-healing treatments that could be used on soldiers, along with civilians and even animals. Already, scientists have gotten promising results in laboratory tests, using something they call “fracture … Continue reading

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Watery Alien Planets Might Be Stripped Dry by Gravity


Alien planets might experience tidal forces powerful enough to remove all their water, leaving behind hot, dry worlds like Venus, researchers said. These findings might significantly affect searches for habitable exoplanets, scientists explained. Although some planets might dwell in regions around their star friendly enough for life as we know it, they could actually be lifelessly dry worlds. The tides that we experience on Earth are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. Our tides are nothing compared … Continue reading

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Glowing rings show how high sea levels could rise in the future


In 1000 years, sea levels could rise as much as 28 meters, placing London, as well as many other cities, squarely underwater. Because it can be difficult to picture just what those rising waters mean, one artist has placed a glowing high-water mark around some of London’s most prominent monuments. Michael Pinksy’s Plunge illustration is meant to give Londoners a sense of their possible watery apocalypse. He placed blue LED rings on three pillars, the Seven Dials Sundial pillar, the … Continue reading

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Nanodynamite – New Power Source Found

nano dynamite

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and RMIT University have made a breakthrough in energy storage and power generation. The power generated relative to the energy source size is three to four times greater than what is currently possible with the best lithium-ion batteries. The team was working on measuring the acceleration of a chemical reaction along a nanotube when they discovered that the reaction generated power. Now the two researchers are using their combined expertise in chemistry and nanomaterials … Continue reading

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