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Second Mona Lisa gives hints to original’s lost detail

Does the Mona Lisa have a twin sister? For years, art historians thought a second version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting was a copy created years after the original. But now that the painting has been restored, it appears it may have been painted at the same time — and in the same room — as its more famous sibling. This junior Mona Lisa, which featured a blacked-out background prior to its restoration lives at the Prado in Madrid. … Continue reading

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Why do cells age?

One of the big mysteries in biology is why cells age. Now scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies report that they have discovered a weakness in a component of brain cells that may explain how the aging process occurs in the brain. The scientists discovered that certain proteins, called extremely long-lived proteins (ELLPs), which are found on the surface of the nucleus of neurons, have a remarkably long lifespan. While the lifespan of most proteins totals two days or … Continue reading

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Biker gets taken out by Buck

Next time you’re out for a relaxing bike ride keep your eyes open for any local wild life. This guy only spotted the Red Hartebeest at the last second, unfortunately a bit too late. – Deskarati -

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Springtime for Martian Dunes

Steep-sloped dunes in Mars’ north polar region are etched with dark streaks and circular bull’s-eye blotches in this image from the HiRISE camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, part of the recent PDS release of over 400 new images acquired in 2011. These are known as barchan dunes; wind-driven piles of soil that move across the landscape in the direction of their steepest slope. They are seen in many areas of Mars, as well as on Earth. During the frigid Martian … Continue reading

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Kilchurn Castle


Kilchurn Castle is a ruined 15th century structure on the northeastern end of Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It was the ancestral home of the Campbells of Glen Orchy, who later became the Earls of Breadalbane also known as the Breadalbane family branch, of the Clan Campbell. The earliest construction on the castle was the towerhouse and Laich Hall (looks onto Loch Awe). Today, its picturesque setting and romantic state of decay make it one of the most photographed … Continue reading

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