Mini Robot to Remove Stomach Cancer

Researchers of Singapore have come up with a novel idea to remove cancer from the body of a victim. It has been informed that a crab shaped robot has been created which is small in size but of great use. The robot can enter the gut of the victim through endoscope and thus can remove the tumor. The robot has been equipped with pincer and hook which helps it in removing the cancer tumor. This technique would not leave back any scar. It has been informed, with the help of pincer, the robot would be holding the tumor and with the help of hook, it would slice it off.

In this process, some blood might leak from the veins. To stop the leakage of blood, the robot would coagulate blood and thus would restrict bleeding. The surgeons would be performing all the process, as they will be observing the whole process from outside with the help of tiny cameras attached to the endoscope. The design of the robot has been created by the Professor Lawrence Ho of Singapore’s National University Hospital. The robot has already helped in removing the tumor from the patient’s stomach in India and Hong Kong.

The procedure takes fraction of time as compared to the keyhole surgery. In some cases, the keyhole surgery leads to infection. Lawrence Ho was reported as saying, “Our movements are very huge and if you want to make very fine movements, your hands will tremble … But robots can execute very fine movements without trembling”.

It has been informed that stomach or gastric cancer is the second most deadly disease in the world. This particular cancer is quite common in East Asia. Sadly, patients suffering with the stomach cancer are diagnosed at a later stage.

via Mini Robot to Remove Stomach Cancer

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