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Who Stole the Mona Lisa?

On 21 August 1911 the unthinkable happened, someone stole Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The most famous painting in the world was gone and nobody had noticed. The next day, Louis Béroud, a painter, walked into the Louvre and went to the … Continue reading

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Guess Who Won the Ron Nyholm Award

Ron Nyholm was an Australian inorganic chemist. His work mainly focused on preparing transition metal compounds, particularly those with arsenic ligands. He also was a passionate supporter for the improvement of science education. He is best-known in chemistry classrooms for … Continue reading

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Mind-Reading may soon be a reality

By looking only at maps of electrical activity in the human brain, scientists were able to tell which words a person was listening to. The discovery is a major step toward being able to “hear” the thoughts of people who … Continue reading

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Seeing really is believing

Want to know why sports fans get so worked up when they think the referee has wrongly called their team’s pass forward, their player offside, or their serve as a fault? Research from The University of Queensland’s School of Psychology … Continue reading

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The Fascinating History of the Chandrasekhar Limit

Thanks to Phil Krause for suggesting this interesting subject – Deskarati – When a star starts running out of fuel, it usually cools off and collapses into one of three compact forms, depending on its total mass, a White Dwarf … Continue reading

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