The Big Space Balloon

The project will take the super pressure balloon to an altitude of upto 130,000 feet, high in the earths stratosphere, to the edge of space. The Big Space Balloon will carry a scientific capsule to undertake a range of experiments regarding both climate change & space sciences, providing a low cost platform for UK companies & the space industry to carry out research & development in the near space environment.

The big space balloon’s balloon envelope will be upto a 100 metres in diameter. Using a super pressure balloon envelope design, this will enable a sustained period of flight of several days. The aim will be to use 100% recycled polythene for the manufacture of the balloon material, with the science capsule utilising the very latest in composite materials for strength & durability, enabling it to be used on multiple flight missions. At the launch site with the balloon envelope, containing the Hydrogen/Helium gas bubble to take it to space.

The Big Space Balloon aims to act act as a flagship project, promoting and utilising the skills of a range of specialist high tech industries. The electronic communication and control systems to be sourced from UK companies. The Balloon envelope will utilise the latest light-weight fabrics. The on board experiments can be developed in partnership with UK’S research companies and Universities. The vehicle aims to be as fully reusable as possible, with the aim to manufacture the polythene balloon from 100% recycled material.

via The Big Space Balloon

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