Earth is Alive!

Earth is alive, asserts a revolutionary scientific theory of life emerging from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The trans-disciplinary theory demonstrates that purportedly inanimate, non-living objects — for example, planets, water, proteins, and DNA — are animate, that is, alive. With its broad explanatory power, applicable to all areas of science and medicine, this novel paradigm aims to catalyze a veritable renaissance.

Erik Andrulis, PhD, assistant professor of molecular biology and microbiology, advanced his controversial framework in his manuscript “Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life,” published in the peer-reviewed journal, Life. His theory explains not only the evolutionary emergence of life on earth and in the universe but also the structure and function of existing cells and biospheres.

In addition to resolving long-standing paradoxes and puzzles in chemistry and biology, Dr. Andrulis’ theory unifies quantum and celestial mechanics. His unorthodox solution to this quintessential problem in physics differs from mainstream approaches, like string theory, as it is simple, non-mathematical, and experimentally and experientially verifiable. As such, the new portrait of quantum gravity is radical.

The basic idea of Dr. Andrulis’ framework is that all physical reality can be modeled by a single geometric entity with life-like characteristics: the gyre. The so-called “gyromodel” depicts objects — particles, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and cells — as quantized packets of energy and matter that cycle between excited and ground states around a singularity, the gyromodel’s center. A singularity is itself modeled as a gyre, wholly compatible with the thermodynamic and fractal nature of life. An example of this nested, self-similar organization is the Russian Matryoshka doll.

By fitting the gyromodel to facts accumulated over scientific history, Dr. Andrulis confirms the proposed existence of eight laws of nature. One of these, the natural law of unity, decrees that the living cell and any part of the visible universe are irreducible. This law formally establishes that there is one physical reality.

More here Radical theory explains the origin, evolution, and nature of life, challenges conventional wisdom.

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  1. Geza Zake says:

    Serious problems with the current world view manifests itself in many ways. Here are just some of the most important: People are still science teaches that the entire history of the Universe from the Big Bang occurred to this dys without any perceived return prceses. For traditional science is inconceivable that the time of the Universe flows from present to the new Big – Bang – to the now Origin in the future. The traditional linear logic convinces us that life in the universe arose by random, not as Complementary and functionally as the factor of the Universe.
    We humans in 2012. year, showing gigant kretivity abilities of that until just a few decades ago nobody could even dream. One way that is in creativity in the micro worlds , and the other is in the macro world. We have not even noticed that our perception sensors thanks to dentures eye and mind extend to infinity. On the one hand we see the atoms, molecules, crystals, cells and cell structures, while on the other hand we look inside the large space with gigantic telescope , like Hubble and others. On TV screens and the media increasingly as we long before never seen dead people, and in outer space are increasingly aware that we become virtual by the electromagnetic field that sends a man into space. All that is the evidence that we have never before to be in space es a electromagnetic picture on our TV or compjutors screens.
    Biology should be the first and last study of science becouse biology is the structure of many space universes, and becous each biology individual is universe for itself with bilion and trilion units we coll the cells.
    We only know and firmly believe that the time flowing forward into the future toward to personal or Universe death. We do not know whether the universe is finite and mortal like us, just because there are persistent clock time as an endless production line. We never even thinking to ask ourselves whether we are born and created in the future or past time?
    I would like to edd tht all matter and biological phenmena are rhytmic. All atom, molecules, stras, palante, galaxis in th Universe are rhytmic. Everything in the universe oscillates in some of its frequencies, including the oscillatory universe. All life beings oscillates. All living beings oscillate while moving, but it oscillates around its Origin too. All the circular motion is oscillatory. Every wave motion is oscillatory. Spiral is oscillations. All DNA molekules are spiral. All polar relationships are spiraling. Vibration is one of the most fundamental characteristics of the entire Universe. Scientifically, it has been proven that everything in the universe vibrates. All matters, atoms, molecules and all kinds of substances vibrate. Deep down into the sub atomic level, scientists learn that each atom – the building block of the Universe, and each molecule of life vibrates. Also, modern scientific researches have shown that each physical particle is a form of energy vibration called ” wave function “. This is what ancient sages have been knowing all these passed centuries. It is this that makes our physical bodies work, our hearts beat, bloods circulate, all without us having to think about it
    We have to be agree that evolution of energy, metallurgy, engineering and technology within the framework of science today makes a magnificent frame of human creation and that people only a few hundred years ago could not even dream of. It is a fact that gives the right to see the phenomenon of biology is the ability to create and which goes far beyond ordinary human biological cluster. This is a new space that is filled by transforming nature into a new and different nature, and different nature, a man transformed himself to four branches as: Robo sapiens, Ciborg sapines, Astro sapines and Cyber sapines. Robo sapiens and Astro sapiens are the new biological beings which is created by man for the phisical and mntal colonization of space.
    These are only fragments of a new biological theory svemnira: It occurs in many places. Andrulis, Lanza, Ross, myself and many others are starting to talk about deep correlated universe and life on Earth.

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