Wind Industry Announces Photo Contest

Now we know that a few Deskarati fans are not the strongest supporters of wind technology, but for the rest of us here is a great opportunity to get out to our local wind farms with our trusty camera in hand and take a picture or two. And before the sceptical of you think it would be funny to send in a few pictures of turbines on fire (we know it is a bit funny) we are sure thats not what they are looking for! – Deskarati –

June 15 is Global Wind Day and to honor that event, the European Wind Energy Association together with the Global Wind Energy Council is organizing a photo contest. The winner will get a voucher to shop on Amazon worth €1,000 or about U.S. $1,292. It will become part of an online photography collection called Hard Rain Project, and be published in the renewable energy newspaper ‘Recharge’ as well as in the European wind energy industry magazine Wind Directions.

Five runners up will win €250 or about U.S. $322. All of the winning images will be announced on June 15, 2012, and displayed in various places around Brussels.

“Wind power is an essential source of clean energy in over 80 countries today,” Lauha Fried, Communications Director at GWEC said in a press release. “We’d like to see photos taken from all around the world and encourage everyone to participate by sending us your best shots. A new feature for this year’s edition is the continental subcategory where a winner will be chosen for each continent.”

The competition is open until May 6, 2012. To submit photos, visit Global Wind Day. Good luck!

via Wind Industry Announces Photo Contest

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