Internet Glasses

It’s safe to say that in today’s web-centric world, a good portion of our lives are now spent online.

The latest marvel of modern technology comes from Israeli company Lumus with their new product called PD-18-2. Despite its alphanumeric name, making it sound like a long-lost Stars Wars droid, the product is actually a pair of eyeglasses with interactive, browser-equipped lenses that are anything but your grandpa’s bifocals.

The transparent lens allow for what Lumus calls ‘augmented vision’, where high-quality images and graphics can be overlayed on users’ field of vision.

Lumus specialises in what they call Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) technology and have already designed similar products for professional and military use. Their first generation PD-18-1 was designed for pilots, surgeons and soldiers, but the company hopes they can tap consumer markets, if anything to bring a new level of distraction to navigating public life in the age of gadgets.

edited from View Life Through Browser-Equipped Shades

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