A Cloaked Alien Spaceship Orbiting Mercury?

While watching a coronal mass ejection (CME) traveling from the sun, it would appear that one of NASA’s solar observatories has discovered a massive alien spacecraft docked in orbit next to the tiny planet Mercury!

As described by YouTube user siniXster, who used the US Navy’s SECCHI website to gather the images and create a video of the extraordinary extraterrestrial encounter on Dec. 3, it is “definitely some sort of manufactured object.”..”It’s cylindrical on either side, has a shape in the middle… It definitely looks like a ship to me. Very obviously it’s cloaked,” he continued. “There’s really, absolutely no other explanation for that than some sort of ship.”

Sadly for siniXster, conspiracy theorists, ufologists and Star Trek buffs, there’s no Klingons off Mercury’s starboard bow, there’s actually another explanation (shock!) for this bizarre video. Those pesky scientists have done it again, why do they have an answer for everything? So annoying. Feeling the pressure of the world’s media bearing down on them, the experts at SECCHI who produce imagery from NASA’s twin Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) felt compelled to respond with a crystal clear explanation as to what is going on in this curious video:

In these HI-1 images, a daily median is used as the best near-real-time method to get CME enhancement. This results in dark spots from planets such as Mercury. When we derive the background, we do an interpolation between two daily median images. Since we make these images the day we receive them, we do not have a daily median for the next day, just the previous day. When the interpolation is done between the previous day and the current day and there is a feature like a planet, this introduces dark (negative) artifacts in the background where the planet was on the previous day, which then show up as bright areas in the enhanced image.

What? I think I prefered the “it’s a cloaked alien spaceship” explanation.

via A Cloaked Alien Spaceship Orbiting Mercury?


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  1. alfy says:

    We at deskarati know that the ship is “Rimmermobile” from Red Dwarf and probably only a hologram.

  2. Deskarati says:

    A new series of Red Dwarf coming next year, Alfy. You must get a TV!

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