Name This Octopus

Smithsonian’s National Zoo has a feisty new grapefruit-sized octopus that is lacking only two things: its sexual identity and a name. The former will have to remain a mystery for a while, since the octopus is only one and a half years old. Zoo staff can only determine if the charismatic cephalopod is a male or a female after the individual grows some more. (Mating among octopi is a whole other interesting subject.) For now, the focus is on what to call the new Giant Pacific Octopus. It came to the zoo shortly after Octavius, another beloved member of the same species, died at the age of 4.

“Octavius was such a charming animal in part because she wasn’t at all shy,” Tamie DeWitt, the Invertebrate Exhibit’s biologist, was quoted as saying in a press release. “During her long and healthy life, she inspired such delight in those of us at the Zoo and in visitors to the Invertebrate Exhibit and webcam. We are certain that the new octopus will do the same in its own unique way and are looking forward to finding it just the right name.”

Deskarati name suggestion – Octarina

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