Mars rover Curiosity, launches from Cape Canaveral

Mars rover Curiosity, launched successfully from Cape Canaveral earlier today. For more details and a look how she will land with the aid of the sky crane, have a look at our earlier post hereBon voyage  Curiosity, have a great trip. – Deskarati – 

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One Response to Mars rover Curiosity, launches from Cape Canaveral

  1. Darin Selby says:

    Most of us Baby Boomers have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that “Mom, apple pie, and launch the Mars Rover!” is the way to go.

    In the process, the planet is being trashed by more and more launches, as the industry WORLDWIDE increases, to launch even PRIVATIZED space vehicles, based upon the tried and tested technology of the environmentally-disasterous Space Shuttle era.

    At this point, I question the need to go into outer space at all, to accomplish the very thing that we’re collectively seeking to do in the first place.

    This veil of hypocrisy of the space program being for the ‘betterment of all Mankind’ must be lifted, to reveal what is REALLY going on with the trashing of the environment at large.

    I’ve just written an article about what I feel are “Four Factual Errors about the Space Program” – including a much better, cheaper and more reliable way that NASA already had to land their ‘Curiosity’ rover on Mars.

    Other follow-up material to study as well:

    Do share with me your thoughts.

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