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  1. Dr. Eric Scerri says:

    The Discovery of Hf, element 72 led to one of the most bitter and at times comic priority conflicts in the history of modern science. At root was nationalism. The French and the British on one side supported the claim by Urbain while the ‘Teutonic’ nations (Germany, Denmark, Austria), supported the claim by Coster and Hevesy.

    This was a few years after WWI which meant that there was still much resentment and suspicion.

    In any case Coster and Hevesy, neither of whom were Germans incidentally, prevailed.

    Apologies for flooding this site with comments tonight but I am so delighted to discover such a brilliant forum.


    see my forthcoming book,

    “A tale of seven elements: OUP (in press).

    also see

  2. Deskarati says:

    Thanks for the information Dr. Scerri

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