Experimental contact lenses deliver eye medication in controlled doses

We’ve had our eyes on contact lenses which aim to deliver medicine for several years. Now, a team of biomedical and chemical engineers from Alabama’s Auburn University (AU) claims to have designed the first disposable lenses capable of delivering controlled doses of medication for as long as they’re being worn.

One incentive for developing these wearable drug-delivery devices (they can be corrective or merely transparent) is the short-lived nature of medication in drop form. Typically, drugs applied to the eyes in that manner are largely washed out after only thirty minutes or so, whereas “wearing your meds” can be far more effective. Certainly, it makes sense that chronic dosing would yield more benefits than sporadic, not to mention the added convenience of potentially being able to forget about medicating for days at a time.

More here Experimental contact lenses deliver eye medication in controlled doses.

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