Drama-filled 2011 World Solar Challenge continues

Four days into the 2011 World Solar Challenge and things have proven even more challenging than usual for the participants. Teams have had to contend with huge road-hogging trucks, cars catching alight and bushfires that saw the race route closed by police, leaving the top three teams cooling their heels at an unscheduled stop at the end of day two while both the vehicles and the participants recharged their batteries.

After a relatively uneventful first day of racing, day two was a day of high drama with the three race leaders, Tokai, Nuon and the University of Michigan, forced to call it a day at Wauchope after police closed the Stuart Highway in both directions between Ti Tree and Wauchope due to bushfires – apparently the work of arsonists – burning across the road. The road closure resulted in the three leading teams – Tokai, Nuon and the University of Michigan – spending the night at Wauchope, while, the remainder of the field spent the night 100 km (62 miles) further north at Tennant Creek.

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