Red Bull F1 designer Adrian Newey set to make history

One of the greatest accomplishments in motor racing history will most likely be achieved on Sunday and the statisticians of the autosport world appear to have missed it. Currently, three men have designed cars that have won seven world F1 constructors titles. Last year Red Bull’s Adrian Newey joined Colin Chapman and Rory Byrne with his seventh title (Williams FW14B of 1992, Williams FW15C of 1993, Williams FW16 of 1994, Williams FW18 of of 1996, Williams FW19 of 1997 and McLaren MP4/13).

On Sunday, Red Bull needs to score just one point more than McLaren for Newey to take his eighth title with the 2011 Red Bull RB7. Two of the top four designers in F1 history are British, and two hail from South Africa.

The other two men to have designed seven world F1 constructors title winners are South African Rory Byrne and British designer Colin Chapman.

via Red Bull F1 designer Adrian Newey set to make history.

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