In the path of the storm

Fearlessly placing himself directly in the path of deadly lightning strikes, a photographer captures images that highlight the terrific violence of nature. Obsessed since childhood with the massive thunderstorms of South Africa’s high-veld plains, Mitchell Krog, 39, has been taking pictures of lightning for 16 years. Giving his photographs dramatic names such as ‘Fire and Ice’ and ‘Killer Storm’, Mr Krog who lives in the Magaliesburg region of South Africa has captured some of the most impressive lightning strikes committed to camera. Holding his image of three simultaneous strikes just outside Pretoria called ‘Monumental Chaos’ as his photographic masterpiece, he has a devil-may-care attitude towards his dangerous photography.

Monumental Chaos: The moment when three massive lightning strikes hit the earth within 15 seconds at Voortrekker Monument just outside Pretoria. Mitchell Krog says it is his ‘masterpiece’

He said: ‘I don’t fear lightning so whenever possible I will happily place myself directly in the path of an approaching storm and I’ve dodged some close strikes’. ‘Since I was a young child I have had a fascination with electrical thunderstorms. I grew up on the high-veld of South Africa where our summers are filled with thunderstorms. ‘I’m a bit of a daydreamer and easily mesmerised so I would often spend hours watching storms brew and would only run inside once the lightning or rain let me.

‘With each storm I photographed I felt myself wanting more and I kept finding new ways of pushing the envelope and improving on what I had done before.

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