Comette family home damaged by egg-sized meteorite

When your name is Comette you may get used to jokes about rockets and space and planets. But French schoolboy Hugo Comette, 11, had the last laugh when of all the places, in all the countries on Earth, a piece of rock from outer space landed on his home.

An egg-sized meteorite believed to be 4.57bn years old smashed through the roof of the Comette family home on the outskirts of Paris some time over the summer when everyone was away on holiday. And there the rock, blackened by its journey through Earth’s atmosphere stayed, buried in the roof insulation, until Hugo’s mother, civil servant Martine Comette, 32, noticed the roof was leaking and called out someone to fix it.

The roofer took one look at the broken tile and told the Comettes that whatever had smashed their roof tile must have come from the sky. “It would have had to be superman to break a tile in this way,” he said. It was only then that the meteorite, weighing 88g (3.5oz), was discovered.

via Comette family home damaged by egg-sized meteorite

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